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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rally for Hindu leader in Hyderbad, Pakistan

By PHP Staff
Thursday, May 26, 2011
(Photo : Protest Rally Against fake Murder Case on Veerji Kolhi, Pakistan)

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From: Abbas Kassar 
Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 12:07 AM
Subject: rally for Hindu leader in hyd
To: Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP)

HYDERABAD, May 25, 2011: Civil society along with Hindu communities of
Kolhi, Bheel Meghwar and others took out rally in Hyderabad against
registration of false murder case on Hindu leader and noted social
worker Veerji Kolhi at Nagarparkar police station on behest of an
influential Wadera. The activists of various civil society
organizations took out rally from city gate hotel on national highway
to press club where the leaders addressed it. Hundreds of men and
women participated in rally. They were chanting slogans to withdraw
false case against Veerji Kolhi. Those who addressed the rally before
press club Hyderabad included Punhal Saryo of Sindh Hari Porhyat
Council, Zulfiqar Shah of SPO, Jabbar Bhatti, M. Parkash of Pakistan
Liberal Forum, Javed Soz Halai, Dr. Ashothama Sindh coordinator of
Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Shafiq Kandhro, Abbas Khoso,
Kashif Bajiee, professor Amar Sindhu of Aurat Foundation, advocate
Bhagwandas Bheel, Pahlaj Kolhi, Veersi Kolhi and Mukesh Meghwar. They
said that Veerji Kolhi is a noted social worker who had done a
labourious struggle for human rights. He had carried an arduous
struggle last year for getting justice for the rape victim Hindu girl
Kishwari. His such activities proved thorn in eyes of Waderas who are
used to commit atrocities with the minority people men and women.
Being infuriated the influential Waderas who are involved in
atrocities against Hindus including committing rape on their women
arranged registration of false murder case against Veerji Kolhi only
to remove him from the path of right. They said that on the day FIR at
Nanagarparkar police station was lodged Veerji was in Hyderabad having
meeting with civil society.They said that the human rights activists
cannot be bowed by such false cases. They demanded judicial inquiry of
this case and demanded to punish police officers who had lodged case
on behest of Waderas. Otherwise they warned to extend the scope of
protest in whole country.


  1. I am asking a question to all hindus of pakistan.

    If there is any persecution by majority,please feel free to go to indian embassy,raise your voice on indian channels.

    i feel very sorry for you people who decided to not to come india at the time of independence especially people who live in sindhs.

  2. All our hindu brothers in pakistan. Please come over here.

    Why don't you guys come. We will help you settle over here.

    May god protect you and your family and bring prosperity,health in your home and life.

  3. I wish I could do something for my Hindu brothers in Pakistan.I have been following the news for years about the treatment of Hindus and other minority groups in Pakistan.kindly approach Indian Embassy In Pakistan and voice your concern and apply for citizenship in India.

  4. Please raise your voice and show the situation of yours to the world or atleast to india. many hindus in india does not know that hindus are living in pakistan. if the hindus in india have the awareness about pakistani hindus , then all will come to do some helps.

  5. We in india have heros like sharuhkhan,Aamir khan,salman khan,saif ali khan,gulzar,javed aktar,mumtaz,katrina kaif,Waheeda Rehman,Amjad Khan, Parveen Babi, Feroz Khan, Meena Kumari, Prem Nazir, Mammootty, Nargis Dutt, Irrfan Khan, Farida Jalal, Arshad Warsi, Mehmood, Zeenat Aman, Farooq Sheikh and Tabu.we had so many presidents and vice presidents and many politicians as muslims.If i keep on naming it is infinite.We as indians treat minorities whether sikh,christian,buddhist,jews etc as our brothers and sisters.May be some communal clashes do occur in india but all of the sisters of india is fully protected by indias law most of the time just will and have been done.But it seems to be unfortunate that the citizens of pakistan do not respect other minority group like christians,jews,sikhs,buddhist,hindus,zorastrians etc.We have Urdu channels in our country.We have Urdu newspapers in our country.India is the largest population of muslims in the world we treat all minorities with respect and peacefully.As a civilized nation we expect pakistan to treat their minorities with respect and care rather than with harazement and bitterness.Is is heard that The number minority temples,chruches,dargas etc are decreasing.We expect pakistani citizens to act in a civilized manner and protect and take care of all the citizens of pakistan equally.It would also expect the politicians of pakistan to fully protect the minorities and stop jihad against other other religions.