NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2nd Seminar on Scheduled Caste Rights on May 22, 2010, Pakistan

By Krishna Jaipal (PHP, Lahore)

Dear Gopinathji
       Hope you will be fine, I have send you the pic of 2nd Seminor on Scheduled Caste Hindus Problem. On May 22, 2010.
" The Rights of Scheduled Caste (Hindus) Why the Delay?
Please see an attach file and save in our *PHP Blog
With regards.......
Ramesh Jaipal
(Seminar on Scheduled Caste Rights on May 22, 2010, Pakistan)
(Hindu Panchayati Leader)
(Local Hindu Leader in Rahimyar Khan,Punjab)
(Local District Government Officer , Rajimyar Khan,Punjab)
(Jaag (NGO) Org. Director of Pakistan)
(Ramesh Jaipal from Hare Rama Foundation)
Please Click Below to See 1st Seminar in Islamabad !
Policy forum demands legislation for Scheduled Caste Hindus rights in Islamabad , Pakistan

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  1. Hello Gopichand,

    Jai rajput jai ma bhavani.... i am an rajput from india. Keep it up a very nice blog from your side.

    keep it up and keep puting this useful post for our community in pak.

    Because rajputs are always the bravest warrior born in this planet, so it your duty to represent our hindu community in pak.

    If ever you face some problem always remember that rajput never bend before anyone & under any circumstances & you know why


    keep it up.

    Jai Bhavani .... Jai Rajput...


    Dinesh Singh Guleria