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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

PHC says Hindu Community makes 6% of total population of Pakistan are Denied Social Justice and feeling insecure in Muslim Dominated Country

By Rajesh Kumar (PHP Islamabad)
Thursday, June 10,2010
 PHOTO :Dr.Ramesh Kumar (Pakistan Hindu Council General Body Meeting held on 30th January 2009 at Indus hotel Hyderabad)
Karachi : (PHP) According to Hindu leaders in Pakistan, Hindu community makes 6% of total population of Pakistan are denied social justice in Muslim dominated society of Pakistan. The leaders of Pakistan Hindu Council addressing a press conference here today in Karachi Press Club demanded government of Pakistan to adopt necessary measures to preserve sanctity of its temples and to address an overall the feeling of individual and collective insecurity and uncertainty.

Pakistan Hindu Council a representative forum of Hindu Community in Pakistan demanded Governor of Sindh, Chief Minister of Sindh, provincial ministers belonging to religious minorities and Home Minister Sindh Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza to order the investigation the incident related to the sacrilege of one of the biggest Hindu temple of the province, Sant Neno Ram Ashram at Islamkot Tharparker, the biggest Hindu Temple in Sindh, by a person who destroyed the religious statues that has sent wrong message to the Hindu community and has caused an all pervading sense of insecurity among its members, Sindh in particular and across the country in general.

The PHC leaders were joined by PHC patron Ramesh Kumar Vankani, a former member of provincial assembly of Sindh, accompanied by president Raja Assermal Manglani, finance secretary Jiwat Vaswani and member Engr. Hotchand Karmani to highlight Hindu community concerns in Pakistan.

PHC leaders said that the sacrilegious incident in Tharparkar, which houses the biggest numbers of Hindus, who make up 55 per cent of Tharparkar’s 600,000 population, has made Hindus extremely concerned about their well-being and security because Hindus and Muslims have lived in utmost religious harmony and tolerance for ages. “Though the accused has been arrested he has been given the jail remand instead of being remanded to police so that it could properly investigate the case to unmask the reasons and the real perpetrators”,

Answering a question Dr. Vankwani said that though Hindus make up just 6 per cent of the 170 million population of the country (officially Hindus make up 1.85 per cent, Christians 1.6 per cent and other make up 0.55 per cent of the total population in a country 96 per cent of whose population is Muslim) the crime ratio against them is an un-proportionate high of as much as 60 per cent.

The leaders of Hindu community strongly condemned the murder of Hindu shopkeeper Ramesh Kumar and the kidnapping of his son Vijay in the business district of Quetta city in the province of Balochistan a day before on June 8. They appealed the Chief Minister of Blaochistan Aslam Raeesani and Governor of the province Zulfiqar Magsi to apprehend the culprits and get Vijay released from the hold of kidnappers and to take appropriate measures so no such incident happens again.

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