NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
Shri Ramapir Mandir/Temple in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BABA RAMAPIR BOOK (Free Distribution for Every Hindu)

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Namaste to All Community,

Shri Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandli SRSSM is the TEAM, who is carrying out FREE Hindu Dharmic Publications for every Hindu in Pakistan. SRSSM is a society of young enthusiastic people with diverse cultural backgrounds sharing a common belief in Hindu Culture. Our Mission is to promote religious, cultural and social activities which are consistent with Hindu philosophy and practice. Our vision is to serve the community at large by participating in Humanitarian & Social activities.

Shri Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandli, hereafter referred to as S.R.S.S.M, is a society of young people with diverse cultural backgrounds sharing a common belief in Hindu culture. This society is for every Hindu you can join us easily, there is no caste system in this society & there is no age limit either, everyone has equal rights. We hold a wide range of events throughout the year from our popular Diwali to the fun of Holi.

This Society presents preservation and promotion of Hindu philosophy, values, traditions and practices helps present and future generations of Hindus experience and sustain a rich cultural and religious heritage. Through Hindu concepts, the Society aspires to create healthy minds; purposeful, progressive individuals; and happy, stable family units and promote friendship among members. This, in turn, contributes to the wholesomeness of the community and of the adopted nation, while maintaining spiritual and cultural identity.

As you are aware that on February 12, 2010 Shivratri Festival was celebrated, on that day we distributed 2000 books FREE for all the Hindus nationally and internationally with collaboration of Mr. Gopinath Dass & Mr. Jit Sen. These books were developed, printed and designed by the hardworking team of SRSSM who gave contribution physically, mentally and materialistically. Other than the SRSSM team many other individual donors participated in this noble cause. Maha Shivratri book was printed in four Colors having beautiful portraits of “LORD SHIVA, SHIVLINGAM & HISTORICAL TEMPLE IN PAKISTAN (KATASRAJ SHIV TEMPLE, CHAKWAL)” in this book. This was first time that a book was printed bilingually in ENGLISH to URDU translation so that everyone feels complacent while reading this book.

We are happy to inform you that SRSSM is planning to publish third book after Ramnavami and Hanumanjayanti on “Ramapir” before the Ramapir Mela. Through this book we ought to enlighten the community regarding the history of “Ramapir”. Therefore for the first time this book will be published in three common languages Urdu, Sindhi & Gujrati, which will enable all the people of the community to understand the history of “Ramapir” in a much better way. This book will be dispensed nationally and internationally as well. we would again stress extensive support of the community at large to donate whole heartedly in this dignified cause. Together we can and we will make a difference.

We would again stress extensive support of the community at large to donate whole heartedly in this dignified cause. You may  donate in any way either by just providing your time, your skill, your knowledge and / or through financial means. We emphasize on all sort of donations. For donating your time, skill, knowledge or money please contact us any time.

In order to conclude this pledge for the sake of the Community, I want to say that our mission should be, to send Ramapir’s ji’s message in every home & every heart. And by your support and “will of honor” we will hopefully achieve this mission with flying colors. 

For more information you can log onto:

شری رام دو شو سنتوش مندر (श्री रामदेव शिव संतोष मंदिर )

जय बाबा रामापीर

سنجیش سنی

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