NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

By Acharyaji on The Meaning of Human Existence

By PHP Staff
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
 (Photo : Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, USA)

The Meaning of Human Existence
"According to the ancient wisdom of Dharma, we exist to begin with because it's our very innate nature to exist. The sacred scriptures of both Yoga and Sanatana Dharma teach us that our true, innermost nature is that we are atman, or eternal units of consciousness. We have the Absolute (Brahman, or God) as both our causative and substantial source, and as the ontological sustainer of our existential being. Having God as our underlying source, it necessarily follows that we naturally share in many of God's essential attributive qualities. Because we participate in God's innate attributes - and if not to a quantitatively equivalent degree, then certainly to a qualitative one - we too share in many of God's qualities. One of those attributes that both the infinite Godhead and we as finite units of consciousness have in common is necessary existence. In other words, both God and we ourselves (atmans, or souls) are eternal by our inherent nature. God and individual atmans cannot but exist. To go out of existence is simply not within the realm of our capability.

Never was there a time when we came into being, and never will there be a time when we cease to exist. So, in a way, we exist because we cannot but exist, being purely spiritual beings in essence. Such is our nature, for it is the nature of God, the ultimate source of our being...."


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