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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sarwan Kumar a Hindu trader Kidnapped is rescued in Sindh, Pakistan

By Gopinath Kumar (Executive Editor)
Wednesday, February 09, 2011

(Photo : Sindh State Map of Pakistan)

Islamabad, Feb 9 A Hindu trader, who had been abducted late last month, was rescued after a fierce gun battle in Pakistan's Sindh province, police said. 

Sarwan Kumar was rescued from the Achhro Thar area of Sanghar district Tuesday, said police official Mohammad Ali Baloch.

He told a press conference that Kumar was recovered after a shoot-out with the kidnappers and four suspects had been arrested.

The official said Kumar had gone to Hyderabad, in Sindh province, for a medical check-up when he was abducted on the way.

On Jan 29, Sarwan Kumar was travelling in a bus that was intercepted by a black car. Four armed occupants of the car took him off the bus and forced him into their car before speeding away.

'He (Kumar) is not feeling well as the kidnapers made him walk for long distances and did not provide him proper food,' Dawn quoted Baloch as saying.

Seth Tulsi Das, a leading trader, announced Rs.500,000 award for Baloch for his efforts in ensuring the safe recovery of Sarwan Kumar.


  1. Sarwan Kumar was rescued because of the reward of 500000/-

  2. Yes, Giving reward to government officer (Police) is not a good sign, Mr.Baloch just did his honest duty to protect the citizens of country and to maintain law and order. Hindus in general are very poor in Pakistan and acts like this could be very negative impact on other abduction cases related to Hindus.