NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Indonesia’s Hindus Celebrate Saraswati Day

JAKARTA, INDONESIA,: Thousands of Hindus crammed into Tirta Empul temple in Tampaksiring, Gianyar, on Sunday for a self-purification ritual in conjunction with Saraswati, the day of praise for the goddess of knowledge. Children and adults came to the temple in droves to conduct banyu pinaruh, a bathing ritual, which is performed to eliminate negative influences from their souls and ask for blessings from Saraswati.

Putu Sudirta came all the way from Denpasar with his family to perform the ritual. “We usually call this rite melukat, or cleansing ourselves of bad things,” said the 35-year-old man. “I came here because this place is special. It has a sanctified water source, which is believed to possess a spiritual power to purify ourselves.”

On Saraswati day, Hindu people celebrate the knowledge bestowed by the Goddess. Over the day they worship books and other symbols of knowledge by performing prayers and making offerings.

[HPI note: The puja honoring Saraswati (and the main Navaratri festival) happens on a different date in most of India.]


  1. Good, we r very glade to know how Hindus away from India worship our god, We will very glade if we join them in future.

  2. pakisthani hindu post embarrassed me.incredible reports.I am very glade to read this whole article.this is an another attempt like mahabharatha.god bless you brother and brothers.,Dubai)
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    Abhyutdhaanam adharmassya
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    Vinaashaayatha dushkruthaam
    Dharma samsthaapanaarthaaya
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    krishnaaa....where are you?
    this is the time......
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