NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
Shri Ramapir Mandir/Temple in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maha Shivaratri Festival at Karachi Hindu Mandir (2010) ,PAKISTAN

By Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP)
From Sanjesh Kumar

The Shri Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandir is one of the old mandir in Karachi, if not all of Pakistan. The mandir is home to some of the most beautiful and detailed monuments of the hindu religion.

A few years ago, the mandir was on the verge of collapse, with its structure in utter disrepair, and the numbers of worshippers decreasing gradually. However, a team of dedicated worshippers decided to work on their own to restore the mandir to its previous glory. This team was known as the
‘Shri Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandli’, and inspired the community to participate through ‘Mohala Chanda’ (monetary contributions) or by working on the renovation of the mandir.

As fate would have it, despite their earnest efforts, the mandir was still far from completed, and the Mandli was running out of money and volunteers. It was during these hard times that God rewarded their faith and hard work by proving that all religions are one and the same. A chance meeting with Iqbal bhai laid the foundation for what was to ensure a turnaround in the mandir’s reconstruction efforts.

Though muslim by faith, Iqbal bhai proved to us all that brotherhood has no religion. Based in London, he shared details of Karachi’s mandir amongst the hindu community there. It was through Iqbal bhai that the Mandli got in touch with Mr Sharma Mahraj and his family, which took on the responsibility of funding the renovation of Shir Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandir.

This open hearted gesture from well-wishers from so far away inspired both the mandli and the community to redouble their efforts to restore the mandir, and the grand opening ceremony was held on 29th August 2009 with Puja & Mela of Shri Rampir Utsav.

This Shri Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandir will forever remain a testament to the strength of love, hard work, heart given charity and inter faith harmony. The Mandli must thank Mr Sharma Mahraj and family, Iqbal bhai and every man, woman and child who worked day & night for the mandir.

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Following is pictures of Shivaratri Festival in Shri Ramdev Shiv Santosh Mandir,Karachi,Pakistan
 Maha Shiva Ratri Ki Jai
I behalf of Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP) will wish everyone Very Happy-Happy Shivaratri for 2010.


  1. I am pakistani,live in london, i am wishing you guys Happy shivaratri

  2. Hi.. i am dr.pramod kushwaha india .
    wishing you guys Happy shivaratri .
    and happy rakshabandhan day

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