NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

PAKISTAN : Financial assistance of scheduled caste hindus respected

By Krishna Jaipal (PHP Lahore)
Tuesday, Augest 31, 2010
All Hinud Friends and Members

 subjec. Financial assistance of scheduled caste hindus respected

        It is stated that Hare Rama Foundation is the representative organisation of more than 4 million  scheduled caste hindus of Pakistan. The condition of flood is so much serious in Pakistan especially south Punjab and Sindh.many people have been affected alongwith Hindus.The Hindu population minority is much in these areas.missionary departments are not working in these areas. They are in the state of helplessness. According to a survey of Hare Rama Foundation five thousand homes have been affected and they are under open sky . It is requested to you that help these people with things of common usage at organisational level or at individual level so that affected people get help in this difficult situation. For further information do contact with us .IT will be pleasure for us
For any more detail Please Feel Free Contact with Us.
and Please forward  to your friends and  other organization.
With Regards
Ramesh Jaipal  (Director)
Hare Rama Foundation Pakistan
Rahim Yar Khan Punjab Pakistan
+92-300-967 55 88

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