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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SINDH : Hindus are being targeted in flood-hit Pakistan'

Tuesday, Augest 31, 2010
JAISALMER : The relatives of Hindus living in Pakistan have alleged they were at the receiving end during the unprecedented floods in that country. They said that the majority community was targeting the Hindus, who are a religious minority there, by looting their shops and homes in the midst of the prevailing lawlessness in the flood-affected areas across the border.

Though some of the Hindus wanted to come to India to their relatives' place here, the Indian embassy is following a very stringent policy in issuing visas, they say.

The relatives here are a worried lot after they got to know through email and phones about the conditions of their dear ones in Sindh and other provinces affected by flood. They said anarchy is the order of the day there and Hindus are doubly victimised: once by the floods and other by looting and robing of their properties by the unruly elements while the law enforcing authorities remain mute spectators.

Border People's Organisation president Hindu singh Lodha said in Sindh province alone, thousands of Hindus have lost everything they had due to the floods and looting. He said they are a helpless lot as the locked out houses of the Hindus are being targeted by hooligans and religious fundamentalists.

According to reports from Pakistan, the Hindus are subjected to victimisation in refuge camps also. They were served with non-vegetarian food, it was alleged. He said the Hindus wanted to come to India and stay here till the situation improves there, but they were denied visas by the Indian embassy there.

Bichu Singh, a resident of a village near Karachi, said over phone that the prices of essential items like LPG has sky-rocketed following disruption in supply while food articles are also in short supply. He said an 11-kg cylinder costs Rs 1,500 in the black market and a litre of milk costs Rs 56 while sugar cost ranges between Rs 90 to 110 per kg, wheat flour Rs 50 per kg and rice ranges from Rs 80 to 100.

Hansraj Khatri said over phone that the devastating floods have claimed over hundreds of lives and about 40 lakh people were affected by it. He said many villages in Hydrabad in Sindh province are flooded with water. The situation aggravated as the government decided to release water from dams and reservoirs as it feared that the dams may collapse, he said.

Another Pakistani Uttar Shastri said all the relief camps are overflowing forcing people to find shelter in mandirs and masjids. In this hour of crisis, many people are running refugee camps from donations but they are also running out of resources.

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