NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Protest the abuse of the Hindu community in Sindh Province, Pakistan

WE CALL to your attention the unhindered aggression of certain violent individuals in Mir Wah Gorchani city, Mirpurkas district, Sindh province, Pakistan. On the early hours of August 23rd, 2010, at around 2 am, Mr. Maulvi Mushtaq Ahmed Naqshbandi, a leader of the local seminary known as Jamia Siddiqia, announced through the loudspeakers that there was some graffiti  in which abusive words were written against Islam supposedly by the local Hindus. He incited Muslim people to teach the Hindu community a lesson. Some people asked about the proof that Hindus had written the abusive language. The Maulvi said that a truck-driver informed him that when he was entering the area near the mosque he saw a young man was standing adjacent to the wall and after seeing driver he ran away towards the Hindu settlements, the Bhemo Mal Megwar. The driver saw the graffiti and informed Maulvi. The driver has not yet been found or identified.

Maulvi also provoked the Muslim community to search the homes of the Hindus and find the young man whose hand was presumed to be stained with black ink. Around 50 persons under the leadership of Maulvi started searching each house during which women were dragged by the hair out from the houses in their sleeping garments and, children were kicked out . There were 60 houses and it took three hours to search for the man suspected of blasphemy but no such person was found in the community. The situation deteriorated after the humiliation of Hindus and the mob threatened to burn their houses. A police party under district police officer of Mirpurkahs arrived and started controlling the mob of more than three hundred Muslims. The angry mob started pelting the police with stones shouting slogans to burn down the houses of Hindus. The mob then burned three houses and looted the belongings of the community.

In the meantime the loudspeakers of the mosque were continuously used to provoke the Muslims to attack the houses of Hindus of Bhemo Mal Megwar who might have provided shelter to the person who had written blasphemous writings on the walls around the mosque. The mob was swelling and going out of control so the Rangers were called to help the police in controlling the mob. As the Rangers came some miscreants used fire arms during which one Ranger, Mr. Haq Nawaz, received a bullet injury. The Rangers and police used tear gas shell and baton charged the mob. On the demand of the Muslim leaders seven Hindus were arrested on the charges of Blasphemy. The arrested people were Mr. Faqeero, Mr. Kirchand, Mr. Mukesh, Mr. Kishan, Mr. Prem and Mr. Heroo Ram Chand. One possible reason for their arrest is that they were the only persons available at that time as the Hindus fled the area to take shelter in other places. They also left all their belongings and animals that have been without water and fodder since then. The perpetrators have not yet been bought to justice and the Hindus continue to remain displaced. The accused individuals have not yet been released despite no evidence to suggest their role in the blasphemy, and no Muslims have been arrested for the ransacking, looting, and burning of Hindu homes.

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  1. Very sad & shocking....How come this extremists become unhuman, this is ridiculous....I condemn those who are involved in this, who are silent and those who's responsibility is to maintain law & order.