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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pakistani Hindus being looted at gunpoint call for Army's deployment in flood-affected areas

By Mohammad S.Solanki ( PHP Excutive Editor)
Tuesday, Augest 31, 2010
(PHOTO : Flooding in Sindh State of Pakistan)
ISLAMABAD  : Pakistan's Hindu community has called for deployment
of Army in the flood-affected areas of Sindh province to safeguard the
lives of thousands of Hindus allegedly being looted by the locals.

Addressing the media at the Karachi Press Club, Pakistan Hindu Council
chief Ramesh Kumar appealed to the government to move in the Army in
the affected areas, including Ghospur, Kandkhot and Karmpur.

"Our families are being targeted at gun-point by the locals of their
localities. About 95 shops and 50 houses have been ransacked and
looted by the miscreants," The News quoted Kumar, as saying.

Kumar said that those who were evacuating the areas for safe places
were also being targeted and their vehicles were being looted.

He said that the situation was out of control as the police had
abandoned the area, and there was no one to help the affected people.

Parts of Sindh are already under water, and rescuers continue to
evacuate people from the province, where the Indus River banks are at
risk of bursting. Two million people have already left the area.

At least 1,600 people have died in the country's worst deluge in 80 years.

With over 14 million people already affected, the monsoon rains show
little sign of abating.

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