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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Call for Hindu Party, Due to betrayal done by all major Political parties in Pakistan

By PHP Staff
Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear PHP Readers,

    Do we need Hindu political Party in Pakistan to loud voices for Hindus and there human rights,social political causes etc ???

NOTE  - There are presently more then 80 Political parties recognized by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) today. Most of them are ideologically on Islamic teaching or pro Sunni religious sects with few Shia Orthodox parties as well, rest can be termed as secular/nationalist/ethnic based parties on the line of Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun and Seraiki vote bank policies etc.

Pakistan Muslim League (PML) the founding political party of Pakistan today has been disintegrated or divided in 20 groups/individual party throwout Pakistan.

(Photo : Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Praying in Pakistan)
Among them Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif , The party is running state govt in Punjab and is second biggest representative party at National assembly or Parliament in Pakistan. PML (N)  is also consider more or less Ideologically a Conservatism, Rightism and Islamism party. They have no sympathy for minority cause/rights according to Mr.Nazir S.Bhatti a Christian activist and president of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) based in USA.

(Photo : Flag of Pakistan Peoples Party in Pakistan)
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is a social democratic, centre-left is the largest political party of Pakistan. To date, its leader has always been a member of the Bhutto family or the Zardari family. More then 4 Million's Hindus in Sindh are be considered as supporters of PPP at state as well national level, but unfortunately Hindu Human rights have been deteriorated during PPP ruling in last several years in country and particularly in Sindh and Balochistan, according to various Independent Human Rights groups, Hindu Leaders and Mr.Ramesh K.Venkawani, a patron of Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC). For example - the rate of abduction, kidnapping, force conversions into Islam and even attack on Hindu community, places of worships and migration has increased.

In recent years, a number of Hindus in Pakistan have been kidnapped for ransom or for forced conversion to Islam, especially in Sindh province. These incidents are generally ignored by the Pakistani authorities, because the Hindu minority lacks support among government officials as well as in the local society, which is predominantly Muslim.

In addition, such incidents are rarely reported by the leading Pakistani media groups. During the Pakistan floods of August-September 2010, Hindus were denied flood relief by Pakistani government officials. The News daily reported that government officials at the Mir Imdad camp, outside the historical Jhirk Town in the Thatta district of Sindh province, denied aid to Hindu children.

The kidnappings of Hindus have become frequent recently in the interior areas of Sindh; according to a report, members of the minority community are now migrating to urban centers and in many cases to India. A media report of mid-October 2010 noted: "Since the beginning of this year, at least eight children of this family have been kidnapped and released in return for a hefty ransom [in interior Sindh]."

In March 2009, 35 Pakistani Hindus from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATAs) of Pakistan went to India and asked for asylum. Jagdish Sharma, the Hindu community leader who accompanied them to India, said: "In Pakistan, we were living in extreme fear, due to the domination of a strong group of Taliban who are running a parallel government." Also in July 2009, a group of 100 Pakistani Hindus went to India and sought permission to live there.

This migration to India is part of a pattern. In September 2009, an Indian website reported: "In the past four years, some 5,000 Hindus may have crossed over from Pakistan, never to return."

In March 2010, Amarnath Motumal, an advocate and member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), said that as many as 20 to 25 girls from the Hindu community in Pakistan are abducted every month and converted forcibly to Islam, adding: "According to estimates, in Karachi alone, a large number of Hindu girls are being kidnapped on a routine basis [and converted to Islam]." Bherulal Balani, a former legislator, reported: "Once the girls are converted, they are then sold to other people or are forced into illegal and immoral activities."

In October 2010, a committee of the Pakistani Senate expressed concern over reports that Hindu girls in the country's Sindh province are being abducted for forced conversion to Islam. At a meeting of the Senate Committee on Minority Affairs, Senator Dr. Khatu Mal Jeewan reported the same.

In a recent article, acclaimed Pakistani lawmaker Marvi Memon, who belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) party, criticized the failure of the government officials to stop discrimination and violence against Pakistani Hindus. Noting that she has altered her position against death penalty due to continuing violence against Pakistani Hindus, Ms. Memon said: "The tragedy is that as a result of these kidnappings, many Hindu families have migrated to India. After all, it is better to live in another country than in perpetual fear (in your own country) Pakistan.

There are even many Christian Political Parties registered in Pakistan. Among them few are -

Pakistan Christian National Party,
Maseeha Millat Party,
Christian National and Liberation Fronts,
All Pakistan Maseehi Itihad,
Pakistan Christian Movement,
Christian Labour Party,
Pakistan Christian League
Pakistan Christian Congress

NOTE - Up-to-date Hindus are still largest religious minority in Pakistan according to Federal government with pre-majority based in interior Sindh. There is no active pro or Hindu party operating in country.

Interesting - Rana Chandra Singh (1931–2009), also known as "Rana Chander Singh", was a Pakistani politician, a federal minister and the chieftain of the Pakistani Hindu Sodha Thakur Rajput clan and the Amarkot (present day Umerkot) jagir. He was one of the founder members of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan from Umerkot, seven times with PPP between 1977 to 1999, when he founded the Pakistan Hindu Party (PHP).

(Photo : Late Rana Chander Singh who founded Pakistan Hindu Party (PHP) a so-called party for Hindus in Pakistan)
Introduction to Pakistan Hindu Part (PHP) - In 1990 Late Rana left PPP and formed formed his own political party, the Pakistan Hindu Party (PHP). He himself designed for his party a saffron flag bearing two ancient logos – Om and Trishool. There is a Strong allegations that PHP was mostly dominated by Upper caste or family member of Rajputs who never wanted to serve the entire community without any discrimination, as a result party never made any impact at local,state or national level in Pakistan.

Proposal/Demand for Hindu Party in Pakistan ?

By Dr.Hamid Khan (International advisor) Says - There is defiantly need for voicing concern for Hindus rights at all levels including political as well. All Hindu MNA, MPA or Senator are bound to there political masters who are only representing there religious,ethnics and so-called nationalist interest in country and who have never done anything sincerely for poor persecuted Hindus in Pakistan.

By Uttam Khattri (Executive board member) Says - Having Hindu political part will defiantly make a progressive impact on struggle for Hindus rights in Pakistan.

By Mukesh Kumar (Managing Director) Says - Low caste Hindus have been persecuted lot not only by Muslims majority but as well upper caste Hindus who have only self-centred on there social,religious and political advancement etc. So any party formed should include entire society (Hindu Community) without any discrimination.

By Rajesh Panditji (Islamabad Reporter) Says - For last 60 years Hindus have been denied even there basic rights ,now there is need to start political campaign as well and including demand of long pending for building a new Hindu temple at National Capital Islamabad.

By Gopinath Kumar (Executive board member) Says - The religious, cultural, institutional, social and very importantly a political marginalization of Hindus in Pakistan as been going through its inception as a nation in 1947. Time has come to sideline all differences among various Hindus groups and sects. He appeals to entire Hindu community leaders should come together to start a political campaign for strong Hindu voice at local, state, National and even at International level.
Names suggestions for Hindu Party from PHP Board members are following -

1.Pakistan Hindu Alliance (PHA)
2.Pakistan Hindu League (PHL)
3.Pakistan Hindu Congress (PHC)
4.All Pakistan Hindu Party (not the one of Rana chander so-called Pakistan Hindu Party)

Please if anyone has any suggestion, advise or concern are mostly welcome to ( contact us !

Your in the service of Dharma,

Gopinath Kumar
(Pakistan Hindu Post)


  1. Respected Gopinath Kumarji,

    Congrats for the remarkable endeavor for PHP in the service of protection of the erasing Hindus in Pakistan.

    In that situation you are contemplating for a Hindu Political Power in Pakistan. Really it is a inspiring story to start a new era when we minimized to 1.86% only from an amountable 16% Hindu population in 1947 in Pakistan.

    Gopinathji, most probably you stay in US and planning all these things from there with a definite support from your friends there.But try to think the strategy in the mouth of a terrible hyena almost finished the flesh of Pak Hindu body. Astonishingly it did not succumb the death yet.

    When we think the present day Hindu Political or Social power in any form, we should think of the "Muslim Umma". Yes, this is the major cause to bring an end of the Hindus everywhere in the general spectrum, though the Christian causes also play a role to wind up the furling of Hindu Flag in many places.

    The Arab centric Power of Muslim Umma has invaded the Kaffir world (dar-ul-harb) to make it fit for the momins (dar-ul-Islam). The 19% Muslim population of the world has the confidence to get the support from the Arab world to ensure a Pan Islam i.e. Muslim Umma. Please don't indulge into the Shiaite-Sunni conflict or the Iraq-Iran war.

    In the contrary, India has not the power to be the centrifugal power source to create a HINDU UMMA, Hindu Solidarity or Brotherhood; you can say it otherwise, to create a point of confidence, support or struggle for the 16% Hindus in the world. But, India should be the epicenter of HINDU UMMA in every point of fruitful meaning.

    Sorry to say Gopinathji, don't mind, each and every Hindu organisations in India expect the overseas support to manage themselves to chase the gigantic Islamic monster in India. What an irony! The Hindu Orgs of 90% of world Hindu Population in India are craving support from overseas for their prosperity in the name of saving Hindutva in India. Feel the reality. The bare 5% overseas Hindus will save the 95% Hindus in Indian sub-continent including Pakistan, Bangladesh and India? Can it be true?

    I don't want to ignore or belittle the courageous role of overseas Hindu friends extending various helps to us but it will never succeed unless a self reliant Hindu Power does not emerge in India immediately.

    If, India takes the charge to save the World Hindus in every front with an unique co-ordination with our overseas friends, then it is a new hope. But, before that Indian Hindus have to find out that Socio-Political-Economical Hindu Power without any pretension like some so called Hindu Party. We know, without any single word and term of "HINDU" in its constitution, BJP is considered a Hindu Party of India! Unless and until Hindus in India are not united in a Hindu Party upon its own indigenous strength, the World Hindu cannot survive in the future.

    We hope a NEW HINDU AGE in India with a great HINDU AWAKENING and a reckoning HINDU REVOLT, both in need.

    We hope a NEW HINDU AGE in India with a HINDU AWAKENING and HINDU REVOLT, both in need.

    Gopinathji, I fully endorse your concept of a real Hindu party in Pakistan. You will be the pioneer in this concept, even for the Hindu big bosses still failure to a make real HINDU PARTY in INDIA.

    Pakistani Hindu Jindabad. Viswa Hindu Jindabad.




  2. Your facts are wrong ! (Please don't depend on Wikipedia source) Hindus in Pakistan are around more then 4 to 6 Millions , that's makes them around 5% of total population. Just in Sindh Hindus makeup of 10%. Christian are around 2 Million's only and they have at least 10 registered Political Parties in Country, but unfortunately there is not a single Hindu party active here in Pakistan. What ever u are say is complete wrong.

  3. I support gopinathji fully. No criticism please.

  4. We the Hindus of Mauritius fully concur and support your call for a Hindu Political Party that would represent the Hindus in Pakistan and fight for their rights .

    Hope you will be heard and listened to by those concerned .

    Jagdish Rai Seebaruth

  5. kamlesh warialaniJune 28, 2011 at 2:40 AM

    Please provide me the pakistan visa i want to see my grand father in sindh.