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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Friday, January 21, 2011

India : Hindu Terrorism OR A journalism agenda?

By B. Raman
Friday, January 21, 2011
(Photo : Samjhauta Express Blast)
New Delhi : Often, I get phone calls from Delhi-based journalists to discuss with me the disturbing phenomenon of some Hindus taking to terrorism and the reported confession before a Magistrate of Swami Assemanand, who is stated to be a follower of the Hindutva ideology.

Many of these journalists are not interested in analysing this phenomenon and the investigation made so far. They are only interested in exploiting it to suit their own agenda.

They never tell me that they want to have a discussion with me in order to better understand the phenomenon. They always start the conversation with the remark:" Sir, I want to have a couple of quotes from you." They are not interested in facts. They are not interested in an objective analysis. They are not interested in the truth. They are only interested in quotes. If they are dissatisfied with my quotes or if they find that my quotes would not suit their agenda, they do not hesitate to substitute my quotes with their own and attribute them to me.

There were only four incidents of terrorism in which some Hindus were probably involved...there could be more acts of reprisal terrorism by some Hindus against the Muslims...

This pernicious practice of agenda and motivated journalism, which came to the fore during the recent dissemination---one does not know even now by who and why--- of the tapped conversations of Niira Radia, the lobbyist, has acquired new dimensions in the wake of the leak of the confession made by the Swami.

I am proud to have sounded the wake-up call as early as in 2006 to the dangers of some angry members of the Hindu community taking to reprisal acts of terrorism against our Muslims if the Government does not take note of the perceptions in sections of the Hindu community that it has been soft towards the jihadi terrorists. I have been writing and speaking on this from time to time since then.

While welcoming a professional and vigorous investigation into the alleged involvement of some Hindus in acts of terrorism against the Muslims, I have also been expressing my disquiet over the way the investigation was being done with motivated leaks to suit some hidden agenda.

In my assessment on the basis of open source information,there were only four incidents of terrorism in which some Hindus were probably involved. My fears that there could be more acts of reprisal terrorism by some Hindus against the Muslims in the wake of the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai were happily belied.

I now sense a new wave of anger in sections of the Hindu community over what they perceive as attempts being made by the Congress (I) and some agenda journalists to exploit the confession of the Swami to divert attention from the serious threat of jihadi terrorism that we still face and to whitewash the horrendous crimes of the jihadi terrorists, including the July 2006 explosions in some suburban trains of Mumbai and even the 26/11 terrorist strikes.

It is important for the Government to remove such perceptions. The investigating agencies should be given a free hand to investigate the confession of Swami Assemanand to its logical conclusion and to arrest and prosecute those found responsible. At the same time, this should not be allowed to slow down or distort our fight against jihadi terrorism.

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  1. India has 1.2 billion people administered by the largest Democracy in the world run on a shoe string budget.

    A few nut cases doesn't make the entire Hindu establishment guilty of some kind of hate campaign against minorities, if this were the case then india's minorities would be decreasing yet the Muslim and Christian populations have increased disproportiantely to the Hindu population which is infact declining.

    Christian missionary fundamentalists are using any and all sorts of methods to convert Hindus; often stirring up caste tensions so they convert lower castes to their faith. If Christians were persecuted accross the board then why are Christian schools full of India's Hindu elite.

    In fact what is happening is the reverse in India the minorities are abusing the passive Hindu majority, Christian fundermentalist use US dollars to convert on mass whole villages changing the demographic of many towns and cities.
    Just imagine if whole towns in the UK were to turn Muslim, how much insecurity and rioting would occur; we already have the English Defence League who want to keep England free of Islam.

    Secular India has promoted the minorities above its Hindu population, whether this is true or not it is how many perceive the way things are in India.

    India was the only country in the world to ban The Da Vinci Code (2003) by Dan Brown when the government gave in to the powerful Christian fundermentalists.

    India is a great Democracy with lots of issues, if Hindus turn to terrorism then the Government must inquire why, I think its because Hindu's feel alienated in their own country.