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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Friday, January 7, 2011

PAKISTAN : Appeal to amend the Blasphemy laws

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From: Gopinath Kumar <>
Date: Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 8:36 AM
Subject: PAKISTAN: Appeal to amend the Blasphemy laws

Dear Mr. Asif Ali Zardari,

PAKISTAN: Appeal to amend the Blasphemy laws

I am writing to voice my deep concern regarding the misuse of blasphemy laws and to express strong support for the private member's bill introduced by the People's Party MNA, Ms. Sherry Rehman that would amend blasphemy laws to end the death penalty and rationalise punishments under the blasphemy laws.

According to the data I have collected at least 1030 persons were charged under these anti-blasphemy clauses from 1986 to August 2009, while over 30 persons were killed extra-judicially by angry mobs or individuals.

I am appalled by the political expediency of the government and ruling party who do not want to take a firm stand on the misuse of the blasphemy law but instead is trying to sweep the basic issue of freedom of expression and discrimination on the basis of religion under the carpet. The deliberate institutionalisation of Islam's status as protected and predominant promoted the perpetuation of religious intolerance by Islamic fundamentalists.

I am shocked to know that militant Muslim organisations are using blasphemy as a tool as the best way to keep religious minority groups under pressure and even forcibly take land. The State is failing to protect the lives and property of the minority community. The blasphemy law has made it compulsory that no police officer below the level of Superintendent of Police can investigate the charges but this is rarely adhered to.

I urge you to repeal the Blasphemy law or at least amend it by deleting section 295-c from the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) (the death sentence). I hereby fully support the initiative of Ms. Sherry Rehman to amend the blasphemy law by submitting a private bill in the national assembly.

I also urge the government, the ruling political parties, the members of the national assemblies and senate to pass the amendment in Blasphemy law introduced in a private bill introduced by MNA Sherry Rehman.

I look forward to your prompt action to provide substantial and comprehensive policy responses on the freedom of expression, protection of religious minority groups and misuse of blasphemy law.

Yours sincerely,

Gopinath Kumar

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  1. media took up the courage to bring this into kind attention but life is very important for all of us and these religious extremists just do not value human beings and finish their life all of a suden without any legal action. live pakistan news