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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Indian Christian Missionaries Prepare To Evangelize Bhutan

By PHP Staff
Monday, January 31, 2011
(Photo : Map of Bhutan in South Asia)
BHUTAN : Authorities in Bhutan have signaled that they will permit the registration at least one Christian organization in the landlocked Asian nation. Currently, Christians are permitted to worship in their homes but are forbidden to gather in public or spread the Gospel.

Two Indian missionary orders are preparing to enter Bhutan if the government allows them to be registered. Father Arul Raj, founder of the Society of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate and the Society of the Missionaries of Mary Immaculate, says that the two orders, which work in education and assist the poor, 'do not openly initiate conversions, instead clearly manifesting their Christian identity in work and prayer,' and thus 'we have never had problems with extreme mixed Hindu groups in India, nor have we ever suffered allegations of mass conversions.'

Only 1,000 of Bhutan's 2.6 million people are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics. Some 75% of the nation's residents are Buddhist, while approximately 25% are Hindu.

[HPI note: Hinduism is already suffering enough in Bhutan. A forced mass exodus of Hindus from Bhutan happened in the last 20 years, organized by the government, who defends Bhuddism fiercely. Read more about it here. ]


  1. So what's your point by making this fake news look like some great wrong is going to happen? If people are willing to convert to Christianity, what is wrong with that? You talk as if Hinduism is the greatest thing that happened to mankind! Stop your fear mongering...I am sick and tired of your type that keep saying christians are comming. I have not found these Christians to be bad like your narrow minded fools cry out.
    Also, If 25% Hindus had problem living side by side with Buddhist...then go back to India or Nepal.

  2. Hindus/Buddhists do not convert people on the scale that Christians do.

    Christians have little regard for traditional cultures and only seek the propagation of their beliefs.

    Why can they not accept other faiths.