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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hindu community holds special prayers for Pakistan cricket team

By Mohammad S.Solanki (Executive Editor)
Saturday, April 02, 2011

 (Photo : Hindu community people offer pray in front of idols for Pakistan Cricket team ahead of the match between Pakistan and India in Mohali Stadium at Hanoman in Karachi, Pakistan)

Islamabad : The minorities particularly the Hindu community in Pakistan have also taken the lead in arranging special prayers for the success of the Pakistan team at different temples. "We have had special Pooja's at most mandirs (temples) in Karachi and interior Sindh. We may be Hindus but we are not Indians and we want our country to win the World Cup," snooker champion Naveen Pervani told the media here.

Watch exclusive vedio below on Hindus and Christans are praying for Pakistan Team victory in Karachi, Pakistan.

RAWALPINDI (Punjab), March 29: Like the Muslims and the Christians, the Hindu community also offered special prayers for the victory of Pakistani cricket team against India in the semi final being played in Mohali today (Wednesday).

More than 50 members of the Hindu community gathered at Krishna Mandir in Saddar on Tuesday and offered special prayers for the victory of Pakistani team.

“We are praying for the victory of our team in the semi final and also in final,” said Jag Mohan Kumar Arora, President Hindu Sikh Social Welfare Council (HSSWC) while talking to Dawn.

He said that being Pakistanis, the Hindus were willing to see the victory of green shirts against India. “Are you not considering us Pakistanis?” he posed a question in a lighter tone. He said that some of the Hindu girls would fast for the Pakistan’s victory.

Special prayers were also offered in Balmiki (lower cast Hindu) Mandir at Lal Kurti.

Om Parkash Narayan along with 20 people gathered at the temple and offered special prayers for the victory of Pakistan in the semi final.

In the same way, special prayers were also offered at Lal Kurti and Gowalmandi churches for the victory of Pakistani team.

“Pakistan will defeat India in semi final and then Sri Lanka in the final,” said Ashir Francis at Lal Kurti Church.

He said that they were planning to celebrate the Pakistan’s victory at a local hotel. He said, “Pakistan is our homeland and its team is ours.”

“We have arranged a big screen at Qasai Mohallah, Gowalmandi as every body wants to see the match on the big screen,” said Tariq Masih, a Christian residing near Gowalmandi Church.

In Westridge, the youngsters arranged Quran Khawani for the victory of Pakistani team. “We prayed to Almighty Allah seeking His blessings for the Pakistani team,” said Umer Sheikh, a resident of Westridge-III.

 (Photo : Pakistani Cricket Team for 2011 World Cup, Pakistan)

Peshawar (NWFP ) : The Hindu community in Peshawar on Tuesday evening held a special ceremony to pray for the victory of Pakistan cricket team in the upcoming semi-final against India.

The special prayers were arranged by the Hindu Balmik Mahsaba Peshawar at the Balmik Mandir Kali Bari in Peshawar Cantonment, where around 100 people including women and children took part in the special service.
The service commenced with Jai Genesh Jai chants and concluded Pandit Ghokal Ram praying for the success of the Pakistan team in the World Cup Semi-final and also for resolutions to other problems currently facing the country.

“We want to join our countrymen in their prayers and that is the reason this special prayers service was arranged to pray for a Pakistani team victory,” said Peshawar Hindu Mahsaba President Ram Lal. Mass prayers for a victory in the match are scheduled to be held all across Pakistan.

He said that they searched for posters of Pakistani players for the service, but all the shops were out of stock. He added that such has been the state of euphoria that even memoriblia could not be found.

Peshawar has a small Hindu minority of around 400 families, Lal said. He said that there were three temples to serve this community.

Pakistan Loses A Match, Wins Rare Unity

Mosques, churches, Sikh gurdwaras and Hindu temples were united in special prayers for the national team. Party flags disappeared in favor of the national flag, and Pakistanis learned a valuable lesson: an over-politicized nation has better things to do than watch boring politicians shouting on equally boring talk shows.

(Photo : Tendulkar is composed even in celebration. But a semi-final win and the prospect of a World Cup triumph at his home ground triggered this special moment, India)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan : Many Pakistanis were struck by the scenes they saw on the streets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi today: smiling shopkeepers, courteous car drivers and jolly passersby. The scenes were almost similar in Pakistani cities like Quetta, Karachi and Muzaffarabad. Teenagers painted their cheeks in the colors of the Green and the Crescent, and shops and offices displayed homemade and professional banners in support of the national team. Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Hindu places of worship across Pakistan were on the same page today. A nation demoralized by political and economic mess and beset by the disaster of fighting someone else’s failed war was suddenly transformed in the days leading up to today’s match.

Pakistani cricket team lost the match in the 2011 World Cup semifinal against India on Indian home turf. The defeat was minor: 29 runs short of victory. It seemed like a win that turned into defeat toward the end.

But more important than anything else, a nation divided by petty politics was united in a way not seen in a long time. It appeared Pakistanis wanted an excuse to show unity.


  1. Reverse in India : Big chunk of Indian Muslim supported Pakistan : Some persons in the face book try to equate the attitudes of Hindus in Pakistan and the Muslims in India in the post analysis of Indo-Pak Cricket Match in Mohali. But they are partially true. A section of Indian Muslims certainly supported the Indian team against Pakistan. But a good portion of Indian Muslim community supported Pakistani Team and irritated over the victory of India in IND-vs-PAK cricket match.

    Read these five links : (1) Security beefed up in J&K [] (2) Kashmiris praying for a Pakistan win [] (3) In India, some pray for a Pakistan victory
    [] (4) Faultline in Kashmir makes people root for Afridi and vote in polls [] (5) “fan was beaten up for supporting Pakistan” even in Kolkata. See the last line of the report “Carnival on city roads” in Times of India. []
    Actually Hindus are Universal Patriots. Lovers of Humanism. Hindus respect everybody. The Hindus are not a problem in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China, German, France, Netherland or Pakistan. No where Hindus betrayed the Nation-State, Country and the people there. But the Pan Islamism is the problem of the Muslims everywhere. They feel alien all the people and the Nation out of their Umma. It is so as Islam is not a Religion. It is the Expansionism of Arab Imperialism. Muslims are the victims of this Arab Imperialism and fanatically chase each others. There is no unfamiliar that Hindus of Pakistan support Pakistan Cricket team from the core of their Heart. And a larger part of Indian Muslims oppose the win of Indian Cricket Team in their natural support of Pakistan Cricket Team. I have no doubt about the patriotism of Zaheer Khan or Yusuf Pathan. But there is great wrong in the behavior of Indian Muslims particularly in India-Pak war in the field of Cricket, Hockey or Kargil.

  2. What is the conditions of Hindus in Pakistan at the moment. I heard there are lots of kidnapping of Hindu women and converting them.