NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
Shri Ramapir Mandir/Temple in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010



Karachi, Pakistan - Former senator Allama Abbas Kumaili has suggested that reserved seats in the Senate should be granted for minorities. He was speaking at the Inter-Faith Harmony and Peace Conference organised by the Chairman Sikh Naujawan Sabha Pakistan Sardar Ramesh Singh and International Peace Club (Trust) at the Arts Council on Monday night. The conference which was intended to promote harmony between people belonging to different religions was attended by a number of Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Hindu representatives.

Kumaili called for the implementation of a direct voting system so that the true representatives of the communities reach the assemblies. While demanding the repealing of the Blasphemy Law, he said: "A true Hindu, Sikh and Christian will never insult or abuse any religion or faith. Today, many innocent people are lured into the death trap because of the law, as those in majority want to take out their personal vendettas against the accused." He also demanded that a new course of "comparative study of different religions" should be introduced in school, colleges and even in Madarsahs.

Taj Haider, another former senator, stated he is currently working with a committee to change the electoral system of the minorities and in regard asked the representatives to give suggestions. "People should be voted through the community and not from the electoral board as the people elected through the board are not true representatives of the people, and once they get elected, they don't care much about their communities."

Elvis Steven, President of Christian Sikh Council gave the message of "Love for all and hatred for none". He stressed the need for inter-faith communication to maintain harmony among people of different belief systems.

Another representative of the Sikh community, K.S Nagpal, Director of Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee said: "every person is a human being first, and then a follower of a religion. God is for everyone and so are his blessings."

Pak-Hindu Welfare Association Chairperson Mangla Sharma demanded seats for women in assemblies, and also called for a change in curriculum in schools and said, "In educational institutions, the students must be taught about all religions of the world."

The General Secretary Karachi Press Club, A H Khanzada said that not only Pakistan but the entire world is a victim of religious extremism and the blame shouldn't be put on Muslims alone.
Jawed Michael, a former MPA and a Christian representative, said that there is a dire need for tolerance and patience. "The country was created so that the majority and minorities could all live in harmony and peace. Since the Muslims are in majority, therefore we consider them as our elder brothers. But such atrocities against the minorities should be should stopped as in the case of YMCA which has been taken over by the Sindh police."

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