NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paradox of Different Paths Leading to One God

Source Bangladeshi Hindu (blog)

Hindu Philosophy
Hindus take tremendous pride in the fact that their religion encourage true pluralism. According to Hinduism, all religions are true and they all lead to the same God. This leads to confusing conclusion leading some people to loose the significance of Hinduism itself. They wonder what makes Hinduism stand out. They question why can’t Krishna be called Allah or Jehovah.

I do believe the way you name your God or the spiritual path you follow is very important to your realization of the lord. When people say they are above all religions or representation of the God, I get very confused.

To me this conclusion has no basis. Then we would have no multiple spiritual path to the God but only one. Greatest seers or religious leaders were not even above all religions.

It’s important for you to stick to your spiritual path and identify yourself with it. It will make sense if we think of spirituality as a materialistic goal. Let’s say our goal is to make 1 million $. There are multiple ways of acquiring that goal but all ways are not successful for everyone. If you find your way, then stick to it and identify yourself with it. If you keep saying that all paths to million $ are the same then you are deceiving yourself as they are not.

Then after you get that million $, you recognize your path, not discard it. Don’t say, now that you got million dollars your path is not anymore important to you. That’s why the people that have truly achieved moksha (i.e. Vivekananda) they continued to recognize their path to their spiritual goal.

The belief of different paths leading to the same God is strictly a belief of Sanatan Dharma. If you believe in that philosophy, then you are a Hindu. If Hindu philosophy is not your thing then move on to a different spiritual philosophy. However, if you ascribe to a non-sanatan philosophy, remember then you are actually giving up this belief of all paths being equally valued.

Even though it sounds very promising, one cannot pick and choose different spiritual philosophies or follow his heart to constitute his own philosophy. That’s because he is not the God. One cannot be lawyer, doctor, teacher, accountant at the same time to be successful in his materialistic life. 1 has to ascribe to one path only and become the best at it. Spiritual goal is like that.

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