NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hindu community opposes dam in Balochistan (Pakistan)

Source Dawn News

Chairman Wapda Shakeel Durrani can be seen here with President Zardari in the background.-APP file photo
QUETTA: The Hindu community in Lasbela disrict has expressed its reservations over construction of a dam near their historic temple Hinglaj Mata.

Chairman Wapda Shakeel Durrani assured the community members that Hingol dam would be constructed only after removing all their reservations.

A high powered delegation comprising Chairman Wapda, Speaker Balochistan Assembly Aslam Bhootani, Chief Secretary Nasir Mehmood Khosa and representatives of Hindu community in Sindh and Balochistan visited the site of the proposed Hingol dam on Sunday.

The representatives of the Hindu community had expressed their reservations that with the Hingol dam planned to be built along the costal highwa would submerge their historic temple 'Hinglaj Mata' and worshippers would have no way of accessing it.

The Balochistan Assembly had also adopted a resolution unanimously in this regard demanding that the plan of construction of hingal dam should be abandoned.

However, Chairman Wapda decided to visit the site of the dam along with representatives of the Hindu community to brief them about the ways and means to save the historic temple in the area.
Wapda engineers and experts informed the members of the delegation through maps that Wapda was making all possible efforts to built Hingol dam adopting measures to save the temple. 'Hingol dam would be not being constructed until apprehension and reservations of Hindu community about Hingal Mata are removed,' Chairman Wapda said. He said that he was also aware about the importance of the Hinglaj Mata temple.

He informed that with the construction of Hingol dam around 90,000 acres of land would be irrigated in Lasbela district and the dam would also generate electricity that would be enough to meet the power requirements of the area. The dam would be have the
capacity of storing around 210,0000 acres feet water.

Speaker Balochistan Assembly Mohammad Aslam Bhootani said: 'We respect the worship places of minorities but on the other hand we cannot ignore the importance and benefits of the Hingol dam'.
He said that government would take steps to remove the reservations of the Hindu community. He claimed that the construction of the dam would bring a green revolution in the Lasbela district.

Introduction to Temple Hinglaj Mata IN BALOCHISTAN,Pakistan
Hinglaj Mata Mandir
Tehsil Lyari,   District Lasbela
Baluchistan - Pakistan

During the Treata Yuga, in the days of PERUSHURAM AVATAR , Rishi Dadechi narrated this story. In the TATARI MONGOL CLAN there lived a king named VICHATAR. He had two sons HINGOL andSUNDER. They belonged to Suria Dynasty of Kshtrya class.They were brave but cruel and lived luxurious lives. Their empire was adjacent to China. The people who lived in these countries belonged to Chandra Dynasty of Kshtrya Class and were followers of LORD SHIVA. Prince sunder attacked the neighbouring countries and killed thousands of people and looted gold ornaments and demanded royalties from them. The people then prayed to Lord SHIVA to save them from the cruel prince by fulfilling their prayers and request , Lord SHIVA granted a boon where GANESH DEVA killed the demon prince Sunder in three days. After the death of Prince Sunder , his brother Hingola became furious and swore to take avenge his brother's death. He underwent penance and by his austerity for years he received the boon that no living being in the three worlds could kill him with any sort of weapon and his death will only occur at a place where Sunlight does not penetrate. He thereafter defeated other kings, extended his reign with terror and cruelty. He referred to himself asHINGOl DEVA.People became very sick and tired in his reign and they performed great Yagna Hawan in their Devi Mata Temple in order to get rid of HIngol , the King. Devi Mata appeared and promised to kill Hingol.Hingol came in SATA DEEP, presently located in Balochistan and went inside a dark cave where Devi Mata with her wooden weapon TRISHUL killed him. In his last moments of life hingol prayed to Devi Mata that in future this place may be called after his name as HINGAL TEERATH and so the place came to be known.

According to another story in the PURAN , once SATI the consort of LORD SHIVA and the daughter of King Daksha was annoyed with her father for not inviting LORD SHIVA in the ceremony of Yagna. She jumped to in Agni Havan Kunda and burnt herself. LORD SHIVA then became furious and came and took the dead body of SATI and started roaming in all the dishas and there was danger created all over the world. Hence LORD VISHNU cut the body of SATI in pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra in order to cool down LORD SHIVA's anger. The pieces of SATI'S body fell at differant places; the head fell at KUNRAJ mountain and was so called as HINGLAJ TEERATH of SHAKT DEVI MATA. 50 pieces at different places and were known as DEVI TEERATH ASTHANS also by differant names. There is no doubt that HINGLAJ TEERATH is very old and remained famous even during Mahabharat period when King Jaidrath of Sindh constructed Devi temples. When King Sikander of Yoonan, Europe when invaded India, he fought with King Balram at Bali Kot Fort and stayed at Hingol River. At that time, yatri devotees were performing HInglaj Yatr and they were safe. Samrat Vikramjeet, the king of India also visited Hinglaj as yatr after conquering all of India. Raja Todarmal of Mughal regime also visited this teerath. Other Rajput rajas like Bihari Mal, Raja Bhij Singh, Raja Madhoo Singh, Raja Jagat Singh of Jaipur, Ram Devji Pir of Rajasthan with his Army chief Agva Laloo Jakhraj also came to Hinglaj for yatra, Dada Mekhan the great saint of Gujarat also came to Hinglaj Teerath and he was called first KAPRI of Mata and after this all the Yatris are called KAPRIS. Kapris wear mala of Thumra in their neck.

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