NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

19-year-old Christian woman abducted in Lahore , Pakistan

Wednesday,April 28,2010
Lahore,Pakistan : A 19-year-old Pakistani Christian woman, Sonia Mohan, was reportedly abducted on April 1 by a Muslim man and his friends in Nishtar Colony, Lahore. 

Sonia’s family fears the Muslim man, Ali Raza, will force her to convert to Islam and marry him. Sonia’s brother, Johnson Parvaiz, stated, “Ali Raza came to our home and told Sonia that I had asked for her, and she went out of the house with him.

They had parked a vehicle outside and left, and afterwards we never heard from her.” After two days, Johnson was able to reach his sister on her cell phone but she told him not to call her, that she was very happy and that they should not try to find her. “It was obvious from her voice that she had been forced to say that,” Johnson said. Police have delayed registering a case on behalf of Sonia’s family because, in what appears to be an attempt to delay police action, Ali’s family has filed a complaint that he was abducted by the same accomplices who allegedly helped him kidnap Sonia. (Source: Compass Direct)

Pray that Sonia will be released from her captors and returned to her family. Pray that authorities will act swiftly and justly in this case.


  1. Though I pray for Sonia's release,I hope Hindus in Pakistan stop converting to other faith.I don't how this problem of conversion can be tackled.Even in India,Islam and Christian evangelist are very aggressive.I hope Hinduism can still sustain and overcome these hurdles.I hope Sonia's family realizes the true priniciples of Hinduism and recoverts.Pakistani police please protect minorities,be a human first and then a muslim.

  2. Maximum of Muslims are not human. And Pakistanis don't have the courage to keep its all citizens like India