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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hindus Face Cunning Conversion Tactics , Mauritius

Thusday,April 15,2010
MAURITIUS: What was to be a big concert in Triolet to mark Mauritius’ Independence celebration anniversary was, surprisingly, just a mere tactic to lure Hindus to Christianity, reports the Hindu Common Front. The Light Ministries of Mauritius, a Christian Federation representing the several Protestant and Pentecost Churches of the island, invited Johnny Lever — a famous Bollywood star — as chief guest to entertain the audience at Triolet, a well known locality mostly populated by Hindus.

What annoyed many Hindus attending the concert was that other than seeing Johnny Lever performing as a comedian, which he is usually in Bollywwod films, the latter was mainly involved in Christian prayers on the stage. The Voice of Hindu deplored that Johnny Lever was there to purposely convert the crowd and many Hindus were disappointed by his performance. This led to a serious a incident where the concert had to be immediately stopped due to angry reactions from Hindus of the locality.

According to Hindu Common Front spokesman, Anil Unnoop, some missionaries are using all kinds of possible means to convert Hindus, especially taking advantage of those who are sick and bedridden in hospitals. He said “It is unacceptable that missionaries lure Hindus who are in distress, when they are most vulnerable, to tactfully influence them to change their religion.”

For the Hindu Common Front, it is just forced conversion and they have made their grievances clear in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic.

But Light Ministries representative, Kevil Permal, said that Mauritian are free to choose the religion of their choice and that their christian mission is to impart the teachings of the Bible to all. However, though the Hindu Common Front condemns the incident at Triolet, the Front wants to see that despite religious freedom most respected in a multi-racial country like Mauritius, a new law be enacted to curb forced conversion and penalize those who tactfully go about to convert people who are in distress. “Yes to religious freedom, but No to forced conversion”, concludes the Common Hindu Front.

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  1. well this is not something new about Christians they are doing it for decades they are adopting every possible measures to force Hindus into this Cult called christanity.. i have also made a blog here you will find answers of your every query and you will also find that how to tackle a christian while having a conversation with him on religion..........