NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP) needs your input, please !

By Gopinath Kumar (editor-in-chief)
Tuesday, March 01, 2011

(Photo : Hindu Youth's group after celebrating religious festival in Pakistan)

Dear All.
Following is the Mission Statement, and the Objectives of Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP), the core of the organization. Please take your time, and give us your feedback. Don't hesitate to let us know where to improve, and what to drop. Thanks.

Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP)
A Forward Looking Organization to
Develop Youth for a Better Tomorrow

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Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP) can be a non-governmental organization (NGOs), registered under Societies Act 1860 in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. The  (HYCP) is a non-profitable, non-sectarian, and politically impartial organization. Yet to be Founded in 2011, the  (HYCP) is striving to uplift the masses in various sectors. Our society is facing problems in multiple areas that are hampering the real progress of the people in our country. We identified problems in number of segments of the life including, but not limited to education, health, human rights, disaster management, infrastructure, child abuse, domestic violence, lack of marketable skills, lack of employment opportunities, copy culture in educational institutions, air pollution, environmental issues, and many more.

We called a meeting of a few dedicated community activists, and development professionals to discuss the deteriorating social structure of the province. We decided in this meeting to create a platform that could provide assistance and training to young volunteers in leadership skills to build their communities through co-operative efforts. Thus we established Hindu Youth Council that will initially focus on the following areas: Advocacy of the social issues, disaster management training, emergency response training, developmental awareness in society, youth empowerment and empowerment of women, awareness against religious militancy and religious intolerance, capacity building, health, education, and career development.

Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP) is a forum where youth can speak, interact, deliver their ideas and take part in conferences and seminars

Mission Statement
The Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP) strives to educate youth to further the humanitarian mission by promoting importance of education, empowering women of poverty stricken areas, discouraging religious extremism, promoting religious and sectarian tolerance, creating political awareness, and creating social responsibility by empowering youth and young adults to become community and organizational leaders. Drawing upon their creativity, dedication, and energy, the Hindu Youth Council seeks to promote youth as an organizational resource and help them reach their full potential in serving their communities through the co-operative efforts.

  • Awareness Programs: The society is infested with many ills, such as, but not limited to political exploitation, break down of the social structure, terrorism, religious militancy, religious intolerance, human rights violations, drug abuse, child abuse, crimes against women, honor killings of women, copy culture in educational institutions, and lack of merit in education. One of the main reasons of the spread of terrorism is the lack of proper education and awareness among youth. We strive to build a tolerant society by discouraging religious militancy, and promoting love and peace through Hinduism. Creating awareness is the main thrust of HYCP mission. The HYCP will launch programs to create political awareness and a sense of social responsibility among our youth.HYCP will establish neighborhood tuition centers based on self-help, conduct seminars and town-hall meetings, hold musical concerts, make presentations in schools, distribute literature, initiate interactive dialogue, setup discussion groups, to create awareness among youth, and build a better society for all.
  • Disaster Management Centers: HYCP is a responsible organization whose Members take part in responding to humanity when disaster strikes. We train our Members in the daunting tasks of rescuing, providing relief, and taking part in rehabilitation of the victims of natural and manmade disasters.
  • Equal Rights for Women: Equal rights for women are basic principles of human rights. HYCP will promote the human rights of the woman, and strive to bring equality to the women’s rights in society. We will launch mass campaigns to fight crimes against women, namely Karo-Kari. Launch awareness campaigns to educate women about their human rights, and to fight against the domestic abuse of the women. Establish call centers and counseling groups in co-operation with the administration to provide protection to women under threat.
  • Youth Development Centers: One of the main objectives of HYCP is to setup free Youth Development Centers to provide job search skills, interview skills, office automation, basic computer skills, vocational training, and counseling in under developed areas of Sindh to enable youth to find employment leading to a better life.
  • Health: Promoting health and hygiene awareness through HYCP field workers in rural and under developed areas, and promote sustainable development to provide primary and immediate health care to the poor and needy. HYCP strives to establish free medical camps in low income areas, and mobile medical clinics for the poor and needy.
  • Income Opportunities to Rural Areas: In order to provide sustainable progress in rural and under developed areas, people must be provided real income opportunities. HYCP will setup small handicraft units and offshore IT fulfillment centers to provide sustainable income opportunities to the rural area population. We will train women to produce home décor, and other handicraft items that have market in big cities and overseas, as well as setup IT centers to train youth and young adults on IT related offshore projects.
  • Education to Underprivileged: The main culprit in producing terrorism and religious militancy is the lack of traditional education in the rural and underprivileged areas. Education in these areas is also essential in bringing the true development to the poor and under privileged people of urban and rural communities. Education will improve the lifestyle and income opportunities of the masses, and create awareness against the militancy and intolerance.
  • Capacity Building: HYCP will strive to build capacity of its Members by training, counseling, and information sharing. We will work to provide welfare to the women and disabled in the community to initiate sustainable progress.
  • Human Resource Training: Proper human resource training is essential to strengthen public and private sectors in leading the society to a sustainable development. HYCP will provide human resource training in multiple disciplines to provide efficiency, productivity, better customer service and encourage transparency in public matters. Our professional trainers will conduct training seminars, provide in-house and on location classroom training to improve job skills and the level of motivation.

Gopinath Kumar
Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP)
Temporary Chairman,
Hindu Youth Council of Pakistan (HYCP)

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