NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maha Shivratri at Mansera (NWFP) by Rajesh Pandit and PHP, Pakistan

By Rajesh Pandit (PHP Islamabad)
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

(Photo : 2011 Maha-Shivratri at Mansera (NWFP) by Rajesh Pandit and Pakistan Hindu Post (PHP), Pakistan)

Mansehra District (Urdu: مانسہرہ) is in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, an area still unofficially known as the Northwest Frontier. Mansehra district and town are named after Man Singh, a leading general of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The Kaghan Valley area (a popular tourist destination) and the Karakoram Highway pass through the district.

Maha Shivaratri means "The Great Night of Siva". The night of Shiva falls on the eve of the New Moon. The night is symbolic of a condition prior to creation and refers to the chaos that existed before light. But this chaotic darkness is not a negative condition. It is pure consciousness without the pollution of knowledge. In the Buddha's terminology it is the Emptiness of Nirvana.

Every year during The Great Night of Shiva, Lord Shiva incarnates in the form of the Shiva Lingam. Maha Shivaratri is the prime time for every soul to get into the primordial consciousness of non-existence or Nirvana. One is required to keep vigil during the night in order to receive Shiva's grace and assistance.

As you keep vigil this night, you become aware of your life and karma. It is a great opportunity to connect with the divine formless form of Lord Shiva, the Lingam, who symbolizes 'all-auspiciousness', and to invite these energies in your life. In essence, Maha Shivaratri signifies the transition from the darkness of gloom and ignorance to the dawn of divine joy and knowledge.

 (Photo : Rajesh Pandit speaking on Lord Ram-Navami celebration, Pakistan)

Introduction : Rajesh Pandit is scholar, a teacher, particularly one skilled in Sanskrit and Hindu law, religion, music or philosophy and he is also active member of PHP Islambad based reporter.

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