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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Friday, March 25, 2011

On one is safe in Pakistan say Hindu Jatha

By Gopinath Kumar (editor-in-chief)
Friday, March 25, 2011

AMRITSAR (India) : Personal reasons and circumstances make some Hindu and Sikh families migrate from Pakistan to India, and being a minority community, the media quickly highlights such incidents, whereas the situation for everyone in Pakistan was almost the same. Even Muslims were getting abducted and they also live under shadow of terrorism.

These views were expressed by members of the 350 strong Hindu Jatha that arrived in India on Wednesday to participate in a religious function being held at Shadani Darbar, Raipur.

While talking to TOI Dr Haresh Kumar, member national assembly, Pakistan said that, "We discourage Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan to migrate to India but a few of them have their own personal reasons and concerns."

There were militancy hit areas like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balauchistan where not only minority communities but influential Muslims too fall prey to terrorist activities. "Terrorism is at a peak in these areas and every one gets affected by it irrespective of their religion," he said, while adding that since Hindus and Sikhs were in a minority so they were easily noticed and therefore caught media attention. He said a few Hindu and Sikh family members consider themselves to be in a weak position, so they decide to bid adieu to Pakistan.

Pardeep Kumar, a devotee, said that many a times incidents of terrorism and selective abduction and killing of members of the minority community makes them feel insecure in Pakistan. "But then how can a government that is not safe itself can provide safety and security to its citizens," he questioned. He agreed that many Hindu and Sikh families in Pakistan make up their mind to migrate but eventually drop their plans, when they face visa problems.

"The Pakistan government didn't discriminate against minorities but the incidents of terrorism have spread fear," said Parkash Batra, another devotee. He said the Pakistan government appears to be helpless in protecting the minorities and Muslims as well. "I wonder why incidents of abduction of Muslims don't become media highlights, while anything going wrong with a member of the minority community can become a breaking news," he said.

Many Pakistani Hindus who made an emotional decision to come to India were now willing to go back since they didn't have much financial means to settle themselves and their children, he said quoting one of his relatives, who had migrated to India about two years ago.

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