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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pakistan : Christian housemaid allegedly raped by Muslim employer’s son

By Christian Today
Thusday,May 20,2010
(District of Kasur in Punjab,Pakistan)
ISLAMABAD : A Christian housemaid in the district of Kasur, near Lahore, has accused the son of her Muslim employer of raping her.

According to a report by Assist News Service, Nabeela Masih told Send the Light Ministries Pakistan (SLMP) that she had been raped by the man while she was cleaning a room and there were no others in the house in Kot Radha Kishan.

“He locked the room and raped me and when I tried to shout, he beat me. I later told his mother about this incident but she sent her son to some other city for two months,” she told SLMP.

She told SLMP that she left her job after the alleged rape but was threatened with “dire consequences” by her employer if she did not return to work.

SLMP told ASSIST News Service that Nabeela and her family were forced to convert from Christianity to Islam and were forbidden from fasting during Lent by Nabeela’s employer. He reportedly told them they “worked slowly” when they fasted.

CLAAS UK Coordinator Nasir Saeed said: “The report of Nabeela’s rape is deeply concerning. The fact is that Christian girls working as domestic servants in the homes of Muslims are incredibly vulnerable.

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