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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rajastan High Court allows Pakistani Hindu Grooms to visit India

By Rano Bheel (PHP Rajasthan)
Tuesday,May 25,2010
 (View of the Rajasthan High Court, India)
Jodhpur,Rajasthan : Two Pakistani Hindu grooms were allowed to visit the border district of Sriganganagar in Rajasthan for their wedding function only after the high court heard their plea. They were cornered when the local authorities in Jodhpur refused to grant them permission while their brides were waiting to tie the nuptial knots.

The sources said thatHindu families from Pakistan continue to migrate to India for permanent settlement. Hailing from Pakistan, Dilip and Mukesh, both brothers, were willing to lead their marriage party to Sriganganagar from Jodhpur for their marriage and sought the permission from authorities. But the authorities refused to oblige them and said that it was against visa rules.

“The family had no option but to move the court for justice. The court granted them permission. But the authorities were not sympathetic towards the Pakistani Hindus, who sought refuge in India due to persecution on religious ground in Pakistan, says Seemant Lok Sangthan (SLS) president Hindu Singh Sodha, who is spearheading a campaign for the Pakistani settlers in India.

“We have granted permission to both the youth following the court directives,” says superintendent of police (CID), Jodhpur, Mr Sachin Mittal. The family had migrated from Pakistan to India some time back and the rest of the family had already got Indian citizenship. But Dilip and Mukesh could not get it. “Everyone in life dreams for a lavish wedding function, but we spent our time in anxiety,” says a member of the groom’s family. “We struggle every time to obtain a permission for marriage. Two Pakistani Hindus have been languishing in jail as they were arrested for violating visa rules while visiting a border district to find a suitable match for their daughter,” says Mr Sodha.

According to the SLS, Arjun and his son Khuman visited Bikaner from Jodhpur to find a suitable match for a girl. But the police arrested them for violating visa rules.

NOTE - Pakistani Hindu Post thanks to Mr.Sodhaji and Gopinathji is also working with him on Pakistani Hindus Rights issue.

Mr.Hindu Singh Sodha says Give Indian citizenship to Pakistani Hindus, Because this refers to the report Pakistani Hindus launch fight to ascertain identity (IE, May 20). Hundreds of Pakistani Hindus have visited India on valid passports from time to time. Many have been residing in India for more than ten years and should be given Indian citizenship. Lakhs of Bangladeshis have, on the other hand, migrated to India illegally. Internal position of Pakistan is not good and according to the media, Hindus are humiliated there. The Taliban has also imposed Jaziya (religious tax) on Hindus and other communities in some areas. According to a notification by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Pakistani Hindus can be given citizenship under some rules.

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