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NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Indonesia - Ancient Hindu Temple found

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 Indonesian Ancient Hindu Temple

Statue Of Lord Shiva’s Mount Found At Ancient Hindu Temple In Indonesia

January 9th, 2010 Source:
JAKARTA, INDONESIA, January 7, 2010: Archaeologists have found a statue of Nandi, the sacred bull that carried the Hindu God Shiva, among the ruins of what is believed to be an ancient temple at an excavation site in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Previous discoveries at the site, which is located on the Indonesian Islamic University campus, include a statue of Ganesha, and a Shiva Linga and yoni.

“The statue is exquisite. The sculpture is carved differently from other statues of Nandi. This one is not depicted as fat,” Indung Panca Putra, head of the excavation team said.

“We strongly believe the temple had a roof and its pillars were made of wood or bamboo,” Indung said. He said that archeologists were working under the assumption that the pillars had not been destroyed by a volcanic mudflow hundreds of years ago, but had instead been removed by people.

Indung said that the temple ruins were different from other temples found in Central Java. “We have compared what we have found to what was found in the temples of Sambisari, Gebang and Kedulan. The comparisons have led us to believe that the material used for the temple and its statues were much harder and the sculptures are far more refined,” Indung said.


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