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Monday, January 18, 2010

Where Are The Muslim Nations On Haiti?

By Progressive Think

Red China has provided a very embarrassing, and paltry, $1 million dollars in aid to Haiti. Better than nothing, I suppose. And far better than the oil-rich Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia.
Face facts: When red-blooded Americans hear the word “Muslim” they don’t exactly think in terms of adjectives like “charitable” or “peace-loving” or “giving” or “unselfish.” Fact is, when we hear the word Muslim, we’re usually looking for the descriptive word after it, known as “terrorist.” Americans realize that not all Muslims are terrorists; they also realize that the Muslim religion has been hijacked by a group of fanatical zealots who are bent on destroying America and killing as many Americans as possible.

But the Muslim nations of the world know this, too. They know that real Americans are not particularly impressed with their religion. And from a public relations standpoint, the perception of Muslim nations in the United States is a total and complete disaster. If the Muslim nations, and moderate Muslim religious types of the world were really interested in clearifying who, and what, their religion stands for, you would have thought that they would have jumped at the chance to help the people of Haiti after the devasting earthquake struck that nation.

But they blew it. The Muslim religion, and Islamic nations in general, have missed an opportunity to provide to the American people a positive image of themselves. They missed it.
Where are the Muslim nations when it comes to helping Haiti in its hour of need? Where are those rich, oil producing countries?

Where is Saudi Arabia? Where is Turkey? Where is Yemen? Where is Dubai? Where is Iraq?
The moderate Muslim blog site of is embarrassed by the lack of generosity among the Islamic world. “The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that recently hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti has left thousands dead and completely devastated the country. However, what adds to the sadness is the lack of response from Muslim organizations in North America. Muslim organizations have gone on long enough as special interest groups only caring for their brothers back home and neglecting the other five billion people on the planet. When will the Nations of Islam join the world community and assist in aiding the stricken nation of Haiti?”

“How can we speak of the sunnah and claim the Qur’an is our foundation without understanding its universal message to be a mercy for all of mankind and the best examples in kindness and compassion to all of humanity?” Donations for Haiti: Your Chance to Help (Muslim Blog Site)

They are no where to be found. And, once again, America stands alone in its unbridle generosity. Sure, other nations have helped in the relief effort, but none have gone so far as America, once again. No other country on the face of this earth is as generous; is as giving of its resources and manpower in times likes these as America.

So where are all of you Muslim countries of the world? Why aren’t you in there, getting your national hands dirty, and helping the poor victims of the Haiti earthquake? I’ll tell you where you are: you’re no where. You’re nothing. You’re nothing but a bunch of jealous, cry baby nation-states that couldn’t hold a candle to American assistance and generosity.

If it wasn’t for the United States, Europe would still be in World War Two shambles; if it wasn’t for us, many far reaching places of the world wouldn’t have had the aid that only America can provide.

Go ahead and keep hating America, you bastards. And we’ll show you up each and every time that it is America, and American Exceptionalism, that brings good to the world. And where ever we find injustice, whether it be in the form of a terrible strike by Mother Nature, or a terrible strike by you Muslim fanatics, we’ll respond. And beat you. As we always do.
Note To Readers:

1. There are Muslim organizations trying to raise money for the people in Haiti. is one of them. You can find their relief efforts here. But such efforts are few and far between.

2. Tessler Researched for a Comprehensive List of Nations Giving to Haitian relief efforts. International Aid to Haiti: Who’s Giving

• United States: $100 million along with ships, helicopters, transport planes and 2,000 Marines.
• Canada: $4.8 million in US Dollars and with matching citizen contributions: up to a total of $47 million, USD along with navy ships, helicopters, transport planes and a disaster response team.
• World Bank: a $100 million grant
• U.N: $10 million.
• Britain: $10 million
• Australia: pledged $9.3 million
• Norway: $5.3 million in USD
• Japan: $5 million
• Italy: $1.46 million
• European Commission: $4.37 million
• The Netherlands: euro 2 million
• Italian bishops’ conference: euro2 million
• Denmark: $1.9 million
• Finland: $1.8 million
• South Korea: $1 million.
• Irish telecommunications company Digicel: will donate $5 million and help repair the phone network.
• Spain: pledged $4.37 million and sent rescue teams and 100 tons of equipment
• Germany: $2.17 million and sent an immediate response team.
• India: $1 million
• Red China $1 million and China is sending a 60-member relief team with sniffer dogs.
• Sweden: offered $850,000 along with tents, water purification equipment and medical aid. It is sending a team to build a new base to replace the U.N.’s destroyed headquarters.
• Venezuela: doctors, firefighters and rescue workers
• Mexico: doctors, search-and-rescue dogs and infrastructure experts
• French President Nicolas Sarkozy said 400 staff from the public security authority are being sent, as well a ship with two surgical operating units, 50 beds for injured and earth-moving equipment.
• Iceland: 30 rescue workers
• Portugal: 30 rescue workers
• Taiwan: 23 rescue workers and two tons of aid and equipment
• Israel: plans to open a field hospital and is sending 220 rescue workers
• A Swiss rescue team is arriving overland from the Dominican Republic. A flight carrying 40-50 tons of aid goods is planned.


  1. Dear Writer, before blaming others, first tell us how much you contributed? Where you the one of the top human to think about Haiti? I did myself in few hours; being a Muslim I have more responsibility on human. Let me give you more updates. When all world scratching their heads what to do, one of the know Muslim organization was among the first to pledge 1 Million USD. Since then they were several other organizations who started collecting millions in few days. In MI 1000 families community we collected few hundred thousand on 1 weekend. Don’t just blame Muslims, I know there are thousands of enemy of Islam like you. I attended one Online fundraising event in 1 hr they collected 1 million from US and Canada.
    How much you know about Muslim social services? There are more than 50 national organizations in USA working only for needy people around the world and several hundred local organizations.

  2. Sad to see nations of wealth sitting on their hands regarding Haiti. Pray for them also, for Haitian's can see their poverty, and misery at hand, but others ( claiming to cherish their God so dearly), theirs is buried deep in a hard hearts.

    ps your facts are of tuesday America's
    contribution stood at $131 Million. Canada, 70% Christian with a large Muslim populace, (1/10th the size of the US), was at $130 Million - leading the world with a $3.89/person average vs the US .42/person (the gaurdian/uk). As a Canadian who cares? - get busy - Help Haiti.
    Mercy iswhat pleases God.

  3. The answer is simple: because Islam is a false religion. A true religion will produce people who show Godliness and compassion. Which nation gave the most to help Pakistan, a Muslim nation? It was the Christian USA.

    It's not a fluke. In every major disaster, including the Tsunami in Indonesia, wealthy Muslim nations did not help as much as Christian nations. Because there is no love. The answer is staring you in the face.