NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

JOB QUOTA FOR MINORITIES ( Hindu,Christian and Sikhs etc)

“Reservation of 05% quota for employment of Minorities (Non-Muslims) across the board in all Federal Government Services /Jobs” is another landmark of the present Government for the welfare of Minorities in Pakistan. The resrvation of quota is affirmative action in favour of under-privileged classes of the society, which cannot keep pace with rest of the players without being accorded some preferential treatment. It is the prime responsibility of the government to create condition in which the minorities are assured that their constitutional and legal right are safeguarded and educationally and economically they are at par with the main stream.  

02.                   According to 1998's Population Census, in Pakistan, religious groups other than Muslims represent 3.72% of the total population. Article 27(I) of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan provides equal opportunity to all citizens including Minorities for appointment in the services of Pakistan without any discrimination on the ground of race, religion, caste, sex residence or place of birth.

03.                   Time and again the Community Leadersof Minorities in Pakistan have been demanding for reservation of quota inGovernment Jobs as representation of Minorities in Government Services remainedlimited due to their backwardness in terms of literacy, social marginalization,religious identity, financial deprivation and political incapacity. Thereaccess to the public services and job opportunities in society has accordinglybeen extremely limited.

04.                   After the induction of newdemocratic Government in March-2008 and with the appointment of new FederalMinister for Minorities, Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti, who is also from a MinorityCommunity, the case reagrding the reservation of quota was taken up with newzeal and fervor. While addressing the National Assembly of Pakistan on 22ndJune, 2008, Prime Minister of Pakistan had announced that 05% quota will beallocated in all Federal Government services to the minority communities. Onthe eve of “Interfaith Christmas Celebration”, held on 16thDecember, 2008, Prime Minister reiterated the same that Government has decidedto allocate 05% quota in all Federal Government Jobs for Minorities. ThisMinistry, therefore, moved Summary for the Cabinet and after approval from theCabinet on 20th May, 2009, Notification in this regard has beenissued by the Establishment Division vide OM No. OM No. 4/15/94-R-2 dated 26thMay, 2009 (Annex-I). Detailed guidelines / parameters for the recruitment ofMinorities in Federal Government services / jobs are mentioned in the abovereferred Notification.

05.                   This reservation of quota isappliacble on all Federal Goverenment services to be filled by Ministries /Divisions / Departments / Corporations / Autonomous Bodies etc. and on posts tobe filled through CSS examinations.

06.                   The religious Minorities has appreciated the decision taken by the present Government for the welfare and uplift of Minorities by allocating 05% quota in all Federal Government Services. This decision of Government has sent a wave of joy and happiness among Minorities and they have expressed their thanks by performing Prayers,Public Rallays, Press Conferences and Appreciation Letters to the Minister for Minorities

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