NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Crematorium For Hindus In Lahore, Pakistan

From Hinduism Today

LAHORE, PAKISTAN, October 4, 2005: A recent survey has revealed that Lahore has only one Hindu temple for its over a one thousand-strong Hindu population. A study conducted by the Daily Times has revealed that the city has no place where Hindus can cremate their dead. The Krishna Temple at Ravi Road is not visited by many because of the distance that devotees have to travel. The survey further revealed that Pakistan Balmik Sabha (PBS) and Hindu Balmik Sudhar Sabha (HBSS) are equally responsible for the situation. PBS, the report said, is officially privileged and its Secretary General, Munawar Chand, takes care of the Krishna Temple. While Punjab Auqaf Minister Sahibzada Saeedul Hasan said the government had given US$20,000 to renovate the temple, HBSS Secretary General Amarnath Randhawa said that successive governments have ignored his group. “We have decided to allot 30 kanals (3.75 acres) of land at Bund Road for graveyards for Hindus and Sikhs. We will also give Hindus the possession of temples in the city,” the paper quoted Hasan as saying. “Recently, we asked the government to allow us to arrange an interfaith conference at Agarwal Ashram in connection with Lord Krishna’ birth anniversary, but the government did not gave us permission. We held the conference at a banquet hall,” said Randhawa. Reportedly, the government allowed the PBS to hold a function at the Agarwal Ashram in connection with Krishna Day. “The temple has been named after Lord Krishna, but it is famous as Kali’s Temple, and therefore, followers of Lord Ram and Krishna don’t want to pray there. We have been struggling for a temple and crematorium over the last several years,” Randhawa said, adding that HBSS was making an effort for a temple that would be named after Lord Ram. He claimed that the crematorium at Baghbanpura was either occupied by encroachers or full of graves, and that the Hindus had to go to Narowal to cremate their dead.

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