NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013

NEW - Vedic/Hindu Calendar for 2013
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pakistani Hindus demand Commission to resolve their issues

From Hindu Jagruti News

Hindu temple in Punjab (Pakistan)
Lahore: Hindus living in Pakistan have demanded the setting up of a national commission to resolve issues related to the minority community and also that all temples in the country are opened for them.

They put forth the demand at a seminar 'Conditions of Hindus in Pakistan', which was held in Lahore last evening.

In the seminar organised by 'Hare Rama Foundation', 'Rahim Yar Khan', and 'Hindu Sudhar Sab Ke' in collaboration with the Action Aid Pakistan, Hindus from across the Punjab province participated and discussed challenges faced by them in the country.

They demanded that their following requirements must be fulfilled on war footing basis.

Hindus said a Hindu should be appointed the member of the prime minister's advisory council. They said seats in provincial and national assemblies should be reserved for Hindus. They said Hindus women should be given right to sit in the district and tehsil councils by making amendments in the Local Government Ordinance. "A national commission should be formed to resolve issues related to Hindus. All temples in Pakistan should be opened for Hindus," the Daily Times quoted one of the resolutions passed by the Hindus on the occasion as saying.

They also demanded that they should be granted official leave on occasions like Holi, Dewali and Shivratri, and that the quota for Hindu scheduled castes in Baitul Maal should be in accordance with the proportion of the population.

Speaking on the occasion, Manager of the "Action Aid Pakistan", Daud Saqlain said, "about 450,000 Hindus live in the Punjab."

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